For James and everyone else at Diversified,

Here’s a little Thank You note to show my appreciation for two years of wonderful service. Every time my car breaks down and/or works great, I’ll think of all of you! Many thanks!!


Robin Blair
(the girl with the black Volvo)

Dear Sirs,

I don’t know the particular individuals who were so willing to help two older women when they had the flat tire at the Police Department, but I wish to thank them from the bottom of my heart. My friend’s husband was dying of terminal cancer so you see ever minute that we spent away from caring for him was very important to us. (Who could expect a flat tire?)

You helped us when we needed you and did it in the shortest time possible. Thanks for your loving kindness. May God bless and keep you in His care always.


Jacqueline Martin

Mr James Poulnott:

Please accept my sincere appreciation for the prompt, professional service that your comapny afforded my daughter and I on her recent repair. As you will recall, we had been told by the local dealer that the car needed a complete transmission overhaul. Your skilled mechanic, Gary, drove the car for about five minutes and returned with his diagnosos. A clogged fuel filter. Your engine scope analysis confirmed Gary’s original feeling. My daughter tells me that her car has never performed better.

Once again, James, thank you so much for your honest, skilled mechanics. You can be certain that you gained a happy customer, and I will not hesitate in recommending you to my friends and relatives. 

With kindest regards, I am,

Respectfully yours,

Gary Slayton

Dear Mr. Poulnott,

I want to express my appreciation for the repairs you made to my vehicle. I was most impressed with the work you performed and with the prices you charged for your services. A lot of people would have taken advantage of me by charging an exorbitant repair bill. 

Your kindness will not be forgotten. Please call upon me if I can ever be of asistance to you.


Rebecca Williams
State Court of Cobb County

To everyone at Diversified,

I just wanted y’all to know how much I appreciate your honesty and hard work. I have had everything from my A/C serviced to new tires and have always been pleased with your work. 

I have been the victim of many bad mechanics and am so happy I found someone I can trust with my car. 

Hopefully I won’t be seeing y’all too often, but when I do have car trouble, I won’t hesitate to bring it to you.

Thank you so much,

Katy Duncan

Jim and Cathy,

We were overwhelmed by the charming send-off and the personalized service on our car. Our return trip was uneventful and the old car still drives very smoothly thanks to that maintenance service. While in Athens we remained faithful customers because of that attentive service and personal touch. 



Dear Jim,

To say that my Volvo is a regular customer of yours would be an understatement! From over-heating to no-A/C, from brakes to timing belt, from radiator leaks to engine sputtering…all of you have responded in a very professional manner.

You have always treated us (my wife, Melinda, also drives a Volvo) with courtesy and fairness. Even the times I was sitting on the side of the road, I knew the Diversified tow truck would be along shortly…just a call away.

As a school principal, my schedule is not always mine. Things, more often than not, come up on very short notice. You have always been very flexible and understanding in working with me. And you always seem to put a positive slant on things.

The mechanical care and service you have given my Volvo is perhaps the best in Athens. Your willingness to do the right thing, treating your customers with courtesy and fairness…is recognized and appreciated.

Thanks for a job well done.


Mac Almond

Morning guys,

My green F-150 is in the lot and is in dire need of an A/C boost and it probably needs one of your GREAT tune-ups.

So, if you guys can, please wave that “great magic wrench” over this truck, lik eyou’ve done so many times before…I would appreciate it.


Bill Wellmeier

I really appreciate all your hard work and time. It works great now, and I promise I won’t break it again!

Thanks alot,

Jennifer Herrin

Dear Jim and all the rest of the Crew,

As a small business owner like yourselves, we realize that often you only hear about the problems or the things that weren’t done right. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to do just the opposite.

We want to thank you for the timely, professional service. As you know, our vehicles are one of the lifelines to our business success. We appreciate the fact that you recognize this and place an importance on getting our vehicle(s) in, repaired, and out again as soon as possible. This is not the case with many mechanics.

We realize how busy you are and this makes your concenrated efforts on our behalf even more appreciated. Thank you for your professional service, hard work, time consideration, and willingness to work with us and our often hectic schedule.

It’s nice to be able to say, “Thanks! Job well done!” You deserve the accolades. Keep up the good work!

Perry and Debbie Bugg
First Prize Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping

Hi everyone,

Here we are in New Mexico–thanks to you we made it!

Thanks lots!

Johnny and Sarah

Dear Jim,

Thank you for the help with my van. I really appreciate the tips on getting it cranked and for changing out the part for me on such short notice. Thank you also for being sensitive to our financial needs.

May God bless you!

Erika Jamig

Thank you for your help in getting us home safely.

Good wishes,

Tom McGovern

Dear JP Diversified,

Just to tell you how much I appreciated your service last week. It enabled us to travel at night with the traffic.

Thank you very much,

David Lee

We want to thank you for the outstanding service you provided when our truck broke down in Athens and we were towed to the Wal-Mart lot. You went out of your way by getting the required part ordered and delivered the same day; you came and picked my husband up at Wal-Mart and took him back to your shop so he could make sure the part was correct; and then you brought him back to Wal-Mart, with the part, where he fixed the truck the same day!

We left the next morning and had no further problems. In addition to all of the above, we want to thank you for taking the time to call us about a week later just to see how things were going with the truck.

We thought that this was truly going the “extra mile” for a customer, and we just want to let you know that haven’t forgotten your kindness.

It’s really great to know that there are people of your caliber living and working throughout this country. We had a great trip and you contributed to its success. Again, thank you so much!


Troy and Shirley Martin