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Certified Volvo Tech, great Volvo repair!

Here at Diversified, our love affair with Volvo cars has a long history. We became Volvo specialists back in the Volvo 240 era, which I consider to be one of the best cars ever made. These days, of course, we work on V70s, S70s, XC70s, and all the newest models.

We have a Certifed Volvo Tech on staff, but all the guys love to work on Volvos. So, the next time your Volvo needs a little TLC, a major service, or you’ve just got a question about your Swede, give us a call at 706-353-8808!

Not to toot our Swedish horns too loudly, but we’ve got decades of experience working on Volvos here at Diversified, so give us a call whenever you’ve got a question about your Volvo–old or new. We’ve seen it all when it comes to Volvos, and we can probably give you an idea of what’s going on with yours if you can describe what’s it’s doing–or not doing.

Now offering free wi-fi in the waiting area!

What our Volvo Customers are saying…

For James and everyone else at Diversified,

Here’s a little Thank You note to show my appreciation for two years of wonderful service. Every time my car breaks down and/or works great, I’ll think of all of you! Many thanks!!


Robin Blair
(the girl with the black Volvo)

Dear Jim,

To say that my Volvo is a regular customer of yours would be an understatement! From over-heating to no-A/C, from brakes to timing belt, from radiator leaks to engine sputtering…all of you have responded in a very professional manner.

You have always treated us (my wife, Melinda, also drives a Volvo) with courtesy and fairness. Even the times I was sitting on the side of the road, I knew the Diversified tow truck would be along shortly…just a call away.

As a school principal, my schedule is not always mine. Things, more often than not, come up on very short notice. You have always been very flexible and understanding in working with me. And you always seem to put a positive slant on things.

The mechanical care and service you have given my Volvo is perhaps the best in Athens. Your willingness to do the right thing, treating your customers with courtesy and fairness…is recognized and appreciated.

Thanks for a job well done.


Mac Almond